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Angelina Jolie: Portrait of a Superstar

Angelina Jolie: Portrait of a Superstar [Paperback] by Rhona Mercer

Academy Award–winning actress, former fashion model and Hollywood party girl, and current Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie is constantly in the media spotlight. Unlike many Hollywood stars who do their best to avoid the press, her openness about her complicated and often outlandish life has endeared her to fans worldwide. Angelina Jolie's most famous screen roles are covered in this biography, from Gia to Lara Croft. Also explored is her reputation for living on the edge, and Angelina Jolie's refreshing honesty around tempestuous romantic relationships, bisexuality, wild partying, and breakdowns and thoughts of suicide. Finally, Angelina Jolie's recent roles as philanthropist, mother, and half of a Hollywood golden couple with Brad Pitt, are also discussed in this inspiring book for fans of this continually fascinating global superstar.

Rhona Mercer is an editor on celebrity weekly magazine New and has interviewed countless stars and figures in showbiz. She lives and works in London.

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  • Paperback: 298 pages
  • Publisher: John Blake (September 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1844547922
  • ISBN-13: 978-1844547920
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Loved this!!! Great pictures and great insight into a wonderful person's world. Being a fan I had heard most of the stories from Angelina Jolie interviews in the past, but there were some things that surprised me. It also offered a lot of information on her marriages and why they didn't work out.

I bought this book as my Christmas present to myself and I was not disappointed. I couldn't put the book down. Very well written and well-rounded. I feel like I know Angelina Jolie now as if I'd grown up with her. I respect and love her even more after reading this book. She literally transformed herself and morphed into the amazing woman she is now. This book is a must for all Angelina Jolie fans everywhere.

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Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie [Hardcover] by Ian Halperin

Ian Halperin, New York Times bestselling author of Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, explores the relationship of the world's most famous celebrity couple with exclusive revelations and personal anecdotes. This Supercouple, unlike any other, consistently turns heads, rolls cameras, and delivers action. The rugged, yet debonair, actor Brad Pitt (Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inglorious Basterds) and the always sexy and illustrious actress Angelina Jolie (Girl Interrupted, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Changeling) have made a lasting impression through their movies and their magic . . . --Find out the truth behind Angelina Jolie's notorious French kiss with her brother James at the 2000 Oscars --Learn about her childhood and estrangement from her father Jon Voight --Discover the truth of Brad's marriage to everybody's friend, Jennifer Aniston, and of her readiness to have children --Read about the true circumstances of the affair between Brad and Angelina Jolie along with their stormy & unstable relationship --Find out about Angelina's ongoing lesbian relationship with her former Foxfire co-star Jenny Shimizu

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  • Hardcover: 285 pages
  • Publisher: Transit Publishing; 1 edition (December 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0981239668
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981239668
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I really enjoyed this book. I have read reviews that knock Halperin for adding personal comments or maybe that he talked more about himself than Pitt and Jolie. However, I thought Halperin's additional personal comments only added to the understanding of each situation he injected them into. I thought the book flowed and was an easy read. My only regret was he talked so little about Pitt. Mind you Jolie is VERY entertaining on many levels, but I would have enjoyed reading about Pitt's childhood and rise to success more than Halperin did...even if his childhood was "like the Clevers".

This book really tells it like it is, finally !!! This is a most troubled screwed up woman, who has a great publicist that she pays big time. Example: When the publicity came out about her incentuous relationship with her brother, her publicist has her marry Billy Bob Thorton to take the attention off the the relationship with her brother. It worked. Then she dumps Thorton (who wasn't worth keeping anyway and she never really loved). And oh my, what a wonderful "earth mother". She is so loudly praised for her being an ambassador or whatever the hell she does in other lands and trust me, she has an agenda for herself in doing that. This woman cares about no one but herself. She is totally narcissistic (Yes, look it up in the dictionary if you know not what it means). I'm sure I will get a lot of flack from this review but as far as I'm concerned, this book tells it right. Even Morton's new book is not as revealing as this one. I loved reading this book. For the first time, someone really tells the truth and behold, Angelina Jolie is just another totally f***ed up woman, who albeit is physically beautiful and at most points can act, who in the end, will end up dying alone, wondering what happened. Poor thing . . .
Call me a victim of the initial Brangelina snow job. I bought into Jolie's whole act of being a selfless humanitarian and earth mother. What I found out as a result of this book is that she is a shrewd and clever manipulator of the press who lacks a bit of a conscience.

After breaking up the marriage of Pitt and Aniston, Jolie went on a calculated campaign to smear Aniston all over the media. Aniston had two miscarriages while with Pitt, yet Jolie spread the rumor, with the help of Geyer Kosinski (her manager), that Aniston did not want children. Jolie and Kosinski knew that would appeal to woman who might otherwise see Jolie as a man-stealing witch.

Another shocking revelation in the book is that Jolie was diagnosed as a psychopath by her high school psychiatrist and that Jolie's marriage to Billy Bob Thorton was designed to deflect from her incestuous relationship with James Haven, her brother.

From reading the other reviews on this site, I can see that the Angelina Jolie and Geyer Kosinski attack machine are in full force. Just as Aniston was trashed after Jolie stole her husband, it seems like the gruesome twosome are going after this author, Ian Halperin. The official Jolie/Kosinski party line is that the book reveals nothing new. I beg to differ. This book is a very astute study on how Hollywood manipulates the media and how, sadly, the press has become so complicit with these "beautiful people."

This book is difficult to put down once you begin reading the story of Brangelina as Ian Halperin has written it; it's at times like peeking inside a person's house without their knowledge in that it pulls away the veil of secrecy that Angelina Jolie has so carefully woven around her life. The book goes into detail about her early life, her high school days, her sexual awakening, her use of others to further her image with the public, and her drug use.
It is written honestly and non-biased so that one can form a clear idea of whe workings behind the biggest liar and manipulater in HW. Angelina Jolie must be very crafty, street smart to have gotten away with so much for such a long time without anyone before Mr. Halperin coming forth to tell her true story .
When you receive your copy of this book, turn the telephone off, tell all your friends and neighbors you will be gone for the day, draw your blinds and enjoy the voyage of truth about Brangelina, the frauds.

There is a principal called the Pinata Syndrome, renown publicist Howard Bragman likes to tell the story that the media says what is the point of building someone up if we can not bring them down. His first advice to A list stars is , live a simple and clean life. Well, little too late there for Brange. Second piece, "get your secrets out before anyone else does" , ah, well, too late for that too. This book is full of little sneaky surprises! I loved it! It is a fascinating read in the lives of two people who thought they had beat the game and were above the rules. They did follow some of the "Ten Pr Commandments" . After all Brad is considered the Zen Master and Angelina is the best as remaking herself over and over again.

They know that PR1-all press is not good press, which is why right now the Brange machine is trying to convince the masses this book is full of mistakes and no real news. I read so many accounts of what was in this before I read it, and when I did read the book I so surprised at how different it was and wondered, what book are these other reporters reading, or do they really read the book at all?

PR2-Perception is reality, as I will explain, one of the most shocking things in the book is how this commandment was used against Jennifer, it does not matter if it is true, Angelina Jolie knows if it is repeated enough people will believe it, and even today they still believe that Jen does not want children and that Mickey Brett is wanted for murder in another country. Both are lies.

PR3- The Vision Thing, Create a Brand, well they certainly did that, although as the book reveals who the mastermind really is behind this and who he has done it for in the past with great success.

PR4-The truth seeks it own level..eventually.If you are attacked with a untruth take comfort it will be revealed at some point, but if you plant a lie, and forget about it, you are planting your own landmine. As Howard says, when a president leaves office there is a rush to write tell alls, when a star reaches A list people write tell alls, and the books are fairly accurate, the truth, the ugly or not,inevitably surfaces...eventually. This book ladies and gentlemen is Brad and Angelina Jolie's LANDMINE.

PR-5-The Media will not wait for you. example Tiger Woods. nuff said

PR-6-There is no wall between the public and the private, welcome to the fishbowl, you are always being watched.

PR-7- The medium is still the message. A story is only as credible as the newspaper magazine TV show or blog (he states he leaks to the NE, and then denies it) lol

PR-8-Energize your own base- Identify your core supporters and never forget them. A forgotten base can go like a jilted lover. Oh Brad, need we say more.

PR-9- They're only building you up to knock you down more. Don't put yourself on a pedestal. Too late, should have listened.

PR-10 Everyone has a second act. This Angelina Jolie knows only too well, and this is what the book is really about.

Public Relation Commandments by Howard Bragman.

I have followed this couple for awhile and I could not imagine there would be much in this book that would surprise me , but I could not have been more wrong. If I could be surprised, with as much as I knew, ( I had been a devoted fan of one of them for a long time in the past)how can these reporters find nothing of interest?

I have read many of Mr. Halperin's books and enjoy them because of his style of writing. He takes the reader on a journey, down a yellow brick road in a sense. In the beginning in almost all of his books he sets out on a mission to prove something, and in almost all of his books what he proves in the end is usually not what he set out too. This is because he has a strong sense of fairness and compassion, funny at times, and others conflicted, and while I don't always agree with his assessment it is that style and wit that draws me to his books. It personalizes the story also because he is in it as a central character. As the investigative journalist he also writes about what he is feeling and experiencing so you get to know the author somewhat, so anyone that has followed his work knows that he likes to rescue his subject. It was because of that I fully expected him to lead her down a trail like a lamb to the slaughter, and then ride in on a white horse and swoop her up and rescue her from the sword. Well, I was wrong , again, for the most part. He was compassionate and tried to understand ofter and look at it from each side, but swoop he did not.

Fair and balanced, yes he was, all the way through, and yet at times I could sense he felt a little conflicted, frustrated, respect for them, and a little disgust at other times.Those are some strong emotions for a book to reveal almost nothing, as one reviewer claimed. That is not true of course, I could write pages on things that are revealed. Let's start with what one reviewer was bothered by, and see where it leads us.

Her first complaint was that there was little discussion about the Jolie- Pitt home life.Well she is right about that, the book is not about their sex life or about what they eat for breakfast, or how they take a bath, or how big their bed is, or what their bedroom is like, or how the kids behave. He does not need to tell us any of that because Angelina Jolie has not shut up about it for four long years. Why I ask would we need an author to tell us the same thing we can google. He does tell us however how Angelina grew up as a child. He chronicles this quite nicely. He states on page 17 in the chapter titled "Daddy's Girl" that to understand your subject the logical place to start is at the beginning, and that is what he does.He takes us through her life, he used her words, her shows us how close she really was to her father , how much she loved him, how close the entire family was always, and yet she tells a completely different story today. In 2001 Angelina said, "I never remember a time when I needed my father and he wasn't there." Her kindergarten teacher , Rhona Mercer echos that, "he was always around", yet in 2003, Jolie said "he was not there". p. 23. That of course came after their estrangement. The only damaging comments come from Angelina herself, and that is because she can not keep her lies straight. Halperin does not call them lies, he is more of a gentleman than that, he refers to them as misdirections. However, let's call it what it is. The New York Times called her manipulative, Brad preferred to call her savvy, but as you read this book you do not get savvy out of manipulative, misdirection, lying, calculating, dishonest, all you get is a picture of the extent someone will go to at the expense of another's pain to push herself to the top and take what she wants. No dignity and no integrity at all.

Her second complaint was that there were only six chapters on Pitt and not much to say about him of interest, while we heard quite a lot about Angelina, and boy do we ever, things she does not want to tell you. There also was some thing about Pitt that was quite astounding besides him being a good ole boy from the mid west who loves and respects his parents, smokes a little pot, and is a good father. What is that? Well it seems he was furious when he found out that Angelina was the one who started the campaign to slander Jennifer in order to make herself look better. She knew that when the news leaked that they split and people suspected she was the cause, that she would be seen as a home wrecker again, and she was. What did she do, she began leaking stories with the help of Trevor and her manager to convince the public that Jennifer did not want to have children, she wanted a career,. This is in the Brad and Angelina Jolie chapter, page 223. The source is named, and worked for 20th Century FOX. Halperin discusses the nursery that cost $300000.00 in the Pitt home that Jennifer was overseeing, the two miscarriages, and the fact that MSNBC was going to announce her pregnancy June 2004 before the second miscarriage. Then he reveals that Jolie released a story saying Jen was doing movies and did not want to have children and and Brad did, that was his reason for leaving. "Pitt does not in fact seem to have been complicit in what was proving to be a mean spirited but effective campaign to shift public opinion against Aniston, Jolie, however, was. It was Angelina who came up with the whole story about Jennifer not wanting kids" a source connected to the publicity department of 20th century FOX , which produced Mr and Mrs Smith., She was convinced that is the story that would resonate with all these women who saw her as a man stealing bitch" She was right, it worked , her Q factor began to rise. Trevor Nielson and her brother James Have also helped her destroy Jen's image.p.234 Today woman still believe this, and today Brad still silently sits by and says nothing other than the two times he mumbled it was bull back in 2005. He has said nothing through out the four years of scripted bs that Angelina Jolie has shoved down the public's throat, the pregnancy sex, the beautiful babies, the baby daddy and the barren ex wife. Nothing to tell in this book, if this was all that was in the book it would be worth buying, but this is just one small example of what is NOT in this book.

On to her next druthers, and that would be the sources. Now I know she did not read this book because had she this would not even be in her review as it was fully explained by a journalist that worked for the Hollywood Reporter. That is all I will say on that, it is on page 234 , the first paragraph, and some of the names of the sources are listed on the page called Acknowledgment. I am a little bit surprised to see people saying that there are no sources names , I am wondering if they are going off hearsay. If one has the book you can see the list of names, and it is fairly easy to match them with the source referenced, I could , and it did not take me long to do it either. Also, if it is a help each of these "sources" signed a contract , they are "real" people , so the author has he has their name on a piece of paper with a statement. That is so he can use it as a back up if need be, and again, Mr. Hollywood Reporter explains this, I would think though since she is a journalist she would understand how this works.

Undercover Missions: I had to check that one twice, serious? The author makes an acknowledgment to his business partner in the front of his book, and the name of the business is [...], so I would assume that this reporter for USA Today would know that this Mr. Halperin works this way as part of his persona. I had to chuckle a bit with that one. That is what he does? You know who Borat is right? Works something like that. Did anyone ever watch Columbo, I loved that show. He use to play stupid to get the goods on his subject. Sort of the same idea. You want to know colorful? I have a friend who once dressed as a hobo and slept with the homeless when writing a book about a murder, real case. Very effective, and dangerous, it is called investigative journalism. Police women pretending to be a hooker to catch a john. At least he did not sleep with Angelina. Now that would be a tell all. Something tells me that would really make her mad, but lets get back to the investigation.

Alleged deceptions, no I don't think there is anything alleged about her being in the psychiatric hospital. Now what is intriguing about that was she did not (obviously) disclose this on her applications for adoption, because if you go to the State Department web sites of those countries, (not Cambodia) you can not adopt if you have mental problems, and she had as diagnosis of Psychopath (p.38) still sitting in her file at file at Beverly Hills High school, where she was required to see a psychotherapist 3 times a week. How many people knew that, show of hands, I didn't, did everyone reading this? I bet if I were to stand on 6th avenue in Manhattan and take a poll, no one would know. I bet I could get the same results in Hollywood, and in Paris, in Chicago, in Miami, just pick any city. Everyone knows she checked into a mental ward for 72 hours , that she hired a hit man to kill her, that she cut herself so bad and while having sex with her live in boyfriend at 14 she had to be taken by ambulance to emergency, but a psychopath? NO, should we have guessed. well of course we should have. Would Mr. Halperin have gotten than if he did not go undercover, of course not. Would he know that someone in the audience at the awards said "Do you think she is f**king him?" when James pulled her to him and kissed her before she went to get her award for Girl Interrupted , no.p. 130.

He wrote a fair and balanced account of this couple. He gives them respect for being hard working humanitarians, for loving their children, for being talented in their craft. No where does he state that the book is a TELL ALL by the way.In fact there is a hint in one part of the book where he is researching the adoptions of Maddox and Zahara, and if one is well versed on this area and paying attention you will note that he ask some questions that are indicative that he left out the the "tell all" part.This is in the chapter called The New Image. I happen to agree with Roger Friedman , she is the Mighty Hypocrite, instead of a Humanitarian , this is where Mr Halperin and I part ways. He believes she is genuine in those endeavors. I do believe she was at one time, I do not now.

Infidelity, this is where he definitely left out the tell all in my opinion, but it is very easy to read between the lines. However, he certainly covers it well in regards to Brad and Jennifer. He details when the affair started, the cooling off period , that Pitt considered dumping Angelina and staying with Jen (that appears to be because she got pregnant but then miscarried) and the people that saw them making out , all of this of course long before he separated. Now I can tell you readers one person that this will be news too, or maybe many people it will be, and that is every person that was watching Larry King Live when Brad Pitt was on in December 2008 and he was asked what is was like to fall in love on the set , and Brad looked in the camera and at Mr King and lied like the cheater that he is, and said that it never happened until after he and Jennifer were done, and that what people did not understand is that they filmed for a year. He was referring of course to the series of filming that went on and the last series was two weeks in 2005. They began pre-production in late 2003 , which is when they began the dirty hoochie, then stopped so he could go do Oceans 12 in April 04. They resumed filming in August -Sept 04, for about 2 months and then not again until Feb or Mar 05 for re-shoots for 2 weeks. Now mind you , a former employee of Pitt's said, page 234, "Of course he was sleeping with Angelina most of that time, but he didn't hide it because he was a prick," the man said. "He hid it because he was too nice a guy. He didn't want to hurt Jen. He still loved her, and he didn't know how to break it to her. In fact, for a while there he genuinely thought of ending the thing with Angelina Jolie and going back to Jen. I'm not sure what finally happened. or why he decided to end it, but would you rather he did what Billy Bob did to the Dern chick? Was he a coward for not telling Jen sooner? Probably. But what would you do in that situation? It wasn't easy for him. I doubt if he forgives himself to this day."

Ahh, another revelation, did anyone know he was thinking of dumping Angelina Jolie for his wife? I wonder how many people knew that little piece of information. I am sure we all knew he is a liar and a cheat. It is nice to finally see people come forward with it and verity it. This is not the only verification in the book either, there are others. I particularly liked the ones all chronicled nicely that showed how important it was to Jennifer to have a baby, how emotional she was about it. Who can forget her response to being accused of not wanting children. Still to this day you can not convince many otherwise, The well laid out plans that Angelina orchestrated can not be erased,and Brad Pitt still has done nothing to try and repair that. The book reveals this quite nicely.

Revealing Theories, is one of my favorite because it is where so much could have been revealed to you by the reporter in USA Today, yet was not. Instead more more complaints that he did not talk to Brad of Angelina Jolie. When Harvey Levine created Celebrity Justice (he is acknowledged in the front of Mr Halperin's book and he writes the Afterword in the back of Mr. Bragman's book) his premise was to eliminate the fear and operate out of fairness."Who cares if a big actor will not do a interview with us?" If we had a story that was fair and accurate , whether it was flattering or not, or MO was to call the publicist for comment, not permission." Mr. Halperin did just that, they chose not to make a comment. They had three choices available to them, they could Press Agentry, Suppress Agentry, or Oppress Agentry. If they had nothing to hide they could have spoken to Mr Halperin and chosen option number one, but since that is not the case, moving on. Apparently a combination of Option 2 & 3 worked well in the case of Mickey Brett and that book never saw the printing press, but Mr Singer was not quire that successful with Mr. Halperin and many are now reaing this book, so I presume from what I am seeing in the the media the plan is to use Option 3 and try to Oppress Mr Halprerin in any possible way that Bangelina possibly can. I wonder if they have even read the book. He did do the knight on the white horse at the end of the book, and for both of them. I am guessing some of these people reviewing this book did not make it page 269.

In the Conclusion he ask WHO IS BRANGELINA? Of Brad he says this, " Brad Pitt , the wholesome Midwesterner who charmed Hollywood and quite a few women is by all accounts a very nice guy. Angelina Jolie is more complicated to be sure, but she appears to have risen above her flamboyant and often troubled past and created stability for herself. Both are acclaimed actors and both are humanitarians. He goes on to say they are hard working and they have done extremely well in their profession, and they give back and use their wealth to influence others and do a lot of good. He admits they are have used the smoke and mirrors of the Hollywood dream making machine. to their advangage, and the clock is ticking . He hints that the truth of the matter has yet to be told, and yet there is still much in these pages that many do not know, have never heard. The chapter on "Billy Bob" is one that is so carefully laid out that if it was a closing argument the verdict would be a definite "guilty",and the outcry from the galley would be one of shock, because I dare say, "to borrow that phrase" no one sitting in that court room would have heart that testimony. Maybe the media knew, but no one else.The chapter on Brotherly Love, and Brothers and Sisters, likewise most certainly would draw a collective breath of disbelief, except it is just so well explained and so believable, and while we knew the premise, there is so much that is there that is made crystal clear. Daddy's tears suddenly and for no reason after all those years, what did he discover? So much for us as readers to discover that I hope Mr. Halperin writes a follow up book, "Brangelina: What I Didn't Tell You and Why. Perhaps that could be after this Fairytale in reverse is over.

It was nice not to read a 'glowing' report on this fake over privilged couple. I couldn't understand the hate spouted at Miss Aniston by the media and her fans and this explained it.

This is a must read. One of the best books of 2009 for sure. Halperin has done it again! You thought you knew Brad and Angie think again.

Received new book, exactly as ordered. On time, before Christmas, since it was a gift. Would recommend for anyone who is a Brangelina watcher. Also would purchase from the seller again.

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Angelina Jolie's: Notes from My Travels

Angelina Jolie's: Notes from My Travels [Paperback]

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., CBEFounder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of PeaceAngelina is living proof of the power we all have -- every one of us -- to make a difference. I was deeply moved by her descriptions of individual refugees struggling to live with dignity and hope, and found her personal commitment to be an inspiration. Angelina's journals document her awakening as a humanitarian activist and I hope they will move readers to act. I look forward to my continued work with Angelina on behalf of the United Nations.

Three years ago, award-winning actress Angelina Jolie took on a radically different role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Here are her memoirs from her journeys to Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Ecuador, where she lived and worked and gave her heart to those who suffer the world's most shattering violence and victimization. Here are her revelations of joy and warmth amid utter destitution?compelling snapshots of courageous and inspiring people for whom survival is their daily work?and candid notes from a unique pilgrimage that completely changed the actress's worldview -- and the world within herself.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket (October 1, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0743470230
  • ISBN-13: 978-0743470230
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.3 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces
While I've always felt Angelia Jolie was a superb actress, I wondered how much of her U.N. work was due to being a publicity hound. I came across this book in a store full of African crafts and was so fascinated with it that I came home and ordered it on Amazon. This book isn't a formally written account of her travels; rather, it's a collection of her writings in a personal journal written while on various U.N. missions around the world a couple of years ago. Her writing is casual, personal, and it is very raw and honest, obviously from the heart. I now have a new admiration for Angelina and her complete dedication to this cause. As a person who lived abroad for many years and traveled extensively in the third world and Africa, I was able to relate to to the accuracy of what she noted in her comments. I found the book interesting because it was an actual blow by blow journal of her experiences, impressions, observations, and her own reactions to what she saw on various trips. Very refreshing, and also very sobering at the same time. It's well worth a read for the content alone, and reading it will make you see Angelina in a totally different light. I now count myself among her admirers and I respect her intense involvement with the U.N. She is doing just as much to draw attention to these problems as did the late, wonderful Audrey Hepburn when she served in the same capacity in the U.N., and this is quite a compliment because Audrey was so truly wonderful in her own right. Angelina is a worthy successor, no doubt about it.

Angelina Jolie takes you on a journey to see an another world, or let's say the other part of the world that we all have (at least most of us) haven't seen or even thought about.
You won't be reading a journal about any typical oscar winner actress but a true philanthropist.
Barbara Walters told her:" You can't save the world Angelina"
She replied: " yes I know."
Yes, she is not saving the world but she is making a difference.
Her book proves it, her travels have changed her and they may change you too.
Her new perspective of life is described in such simple words yet so full of meaning, they will take you into the profund depths of the world: its truth.
In other words, the book is amazing.
By helping others, she has helped herself: she is now a more reasonnable person and knew that life is not about thinking only about yourself but it is thinking about others. That way you know you are at least useful to yourself and others.
Anyways, the book is great!

I hate to say it but before I read this book I was oblivious to much of the worlds sufferings. Now that I have read it I am now more aware of whats going on in the world, and I would like to take action and help out. Angelina Jolie has written something from her heart, not many books come from the heart. In this book you will read about the struggles refugees go through, and how much faith and will they have within themselves as they endure everyday hardships. 'Notes from My Travels' is very meaningful and it was easy to follow. I'm not very good with my memory when it comes to remembering things like statistics and facts but I find myself remembering almost if not all the facts within this book.

We should all be very blessed with what we do have, even if it may not seem like much, to another it could mean everything.

This book also shows that YOU CAN make a difference. Even in the simplest things like raising awareness to family, friends even strangers.

I would like to thank Angelina Jolie, for deeply inspiring me and opening my eyes.

This is a wondeful book from a wonderful pearson, you can tell how truely passinote she is about what she dose. This book is very eyeopening to many heart breaking and devistating things so many people go through but so few people know about. I believe if we were more informed and more people understood that more people would care and take action to end these horrific events and save millions of people from this kind of devistaion, and heal the world.

What talent Angelina Jolie has! Not only a terrific actress but has lived her very young life with meaning and compassion while helping people in third world countries, and all with no publicity about her good deeds.

I didn't know Angelina Jolie had written a book, and incredibly a book about her experiences in refugee camps. It is amazing what those people go through, and how she, being an artist, expresses her feelings of the situation. There is no acting here. I admire Angelina. She might have her issues. I knew she was a beautiful women in the outside, what I didn't know was how beautiful she was in the inside. Great Read Recommend It!

Everyone should read this book. It promotes understanding, empathy, humbleness...I did not feel preached to just present as if I was right next to Jolie and sharing in the experience(s). This is a book every High Schooler and Adult in the US should read, I hope she keeps sharing her diaries!

This is a very moving book. It gives us a glimpse into the suffering around the world and motivation to help.


These extracts from Angelina's journal provide a unique insight into the plight of refugees all over the world. It is heart-wrenching to read about the terrible ordeals these people have faced during war & continue to face even after the fighting is over. The courage they show during such adversity is humbling & inspiring to the last page. A must-read book if you have any interest in the plight of your fellow man.

Angelina Jolie has a very personal connection with those who are in hard circumstances like the poor in Africa, one can speculate why but cannot realistically claim it is not sincere. She spends a lot of her time and money there and writes with warmth and humility. She expresses appreciation for those things in other areas that help keep poverty and related problems at bay. A good read as a eyewitness account of what people are going through but also a meaningful social commentary, most of all I find this book an inspiring example of how to bravely contribute whatever one can.

One of the most treasured books in my home library, Angie's courage and compassion for those less fortunate comes alive in every page of this book. This book is very inspiring and very humbling at the same time. My respect for Angelina has increased a thousand fold from reading this gem...plus she is donating all her proceeds to the UNHCR! I hope she writes more books!

This was a great book, i am soo glad i bought it. It really made things real and showed you the reality of what goes on in the world outside the bubble of your own perspective and own country. I would recommend this for everyone, even if your not an angelina fan because everyone should know about these living conditions that are how a large portion of the world are subjected too and it really makes you appreciate what you have. I wish that the book was longer i loved it so much!

Fabulous, amazing book. Journal like style makes everything so real. Any easy read but still one can learn so much from what she shares.

This book will teach you a lot about refugees and their struggles as seen through the eyes of someone who isn't a refugee herself. I cried several times reading this. This does read like Angelina's personal journal, so you're not going to find stellar prose, but you'll find her honest account of her travels. It is sad, yet inspirational. 5 STARS!!!

In the beginning Angelina states that she's not a writer... and she's not, but everything she writes is very sincere and heartfelt. It was also neat to see her evolve as a person and come into motherhood. Also her personal writing style gradually becomes more confident, especially in her final mission in the book. I hope to read more notes from her soon.


Although I have always liked Angelina as an actress and knew that she was involved with UN, I never knew how deep her dedication ran until now. I recieved this book from a friend, who like myself is also dedicated to humanitarian work. I was looking for more information on the UN and UNHCR and that is exactly what I have found in this book. I must say that I am very surprised and extatic to find that this is not just a detailed personal account of her experience in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador, but she also gives significant information on the organizations. Organizations that I would like to research more and work with in the future.
Also, she mentions the book "First They Killed My Father" by Luong Ung -another great soulfull, insiteful book for anyone (I wish everyone) who is interested in learning about amazing people who have survived (and not survived) these horrific circumstances.

I am 24, and I don't have any children yet, but I cannot wait to pass these books onto them and teach them about the world. -the ENTIRE world.

highly recommended.

I love this book. It reads like a diary and you feel what she was experiencing through her descriptions of the areas and emotions of the people around her.
It is a very good way to learn about the conflicts in these different countries by someone who is very new to them herself.
Not only that, she really shows you the effects that visiting these areas can have on a person. You slowly see the transition she makes through the book.
Very well done.

Great book written by a remarkable person : very touching and moving; at least with such a book, you are aware of what's going on in some countries.
to be recommended.

I have long been a fan of Angelina Jolie's work with the United Nations, but reading her journals has given me insight and understanding about what refugees around the world suffer. It also allowed me to look around my little corner of the world and understand how lucky I am. It's an interesting read full of personal comments. Congradulations to Ms. Jolie for a book that's interesting, thought provoking and compassionate.

This book written by Angelina Jolie is an art in itself. She's very honest and describes things very well as if you were there with her. I haven't finished the book, I'm taking my time reading. It's that good.

I admire Angelina Jolie for leaving behind her Hollywood sanctuary to become a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR and taking the trips as she describes in these journals. The stories she tells are so real and scary, it's a sad reminder of what goes on in other parts of the world. Don't expect exceptional writing, but stark reality as noted during the events that Jolie witnessed. I would love to see another set of her journals from trips in later years.

I've always liked Angelina Jolie but had sometimes had doubt in her charity work as more than a publicity ploy. Once you read this book it is impossible to doubt her sincerity. It is a quick and easy read but still a very good one. As someone wanting to work with NGOs and be a International Social Worker this book just reinforced that going down that track was not only a great idea but much needed. I think everyone should read this book if for nothing else it helps you to realize just how lucky you are.

While it seems the tabloids are more interested in Ms. Jolie's activites in her personal life with Mr. Pitt, i am more interested in her activities with the United Nations. I had finally purchased this book and read it the same night i received it. It is inspiring to read how these people not only survive but try to enjoy life and make things better for their children through great sacrifices. Ms.Jolie doesn't just give you statistics, but gives you names or life stories from these poeple to help better understand what is going on. The photos included were beautiful but heart-breaking as was her story about the museum for refugees in one nation. This isn't a tabloid read about her personal life with her family or paramours, but about real world issues which can and does affect all of us. Great for students, adults, academics but be warned, there is some stories and imagery that is VERY disturbing so not for the faint of heart.

Everybody may think that Angelina Jolie's travels are always in very nice and expensive hotels and taking 5 thousand dollars relaxing baths and massages, but they're really not, what she does is help people and that's a very beautiful thing she does.
The way she wrote all her experiences in this book is very beautiful and pure, and not trying to make this a huge best-seller book or the best criticized book in history, but this really lets us see the beautiful and safrificed life of Angelina Jolie. A wonderful experience she wants to share with us, and it's actually something that a regular person wouldn't do, but this huge Hollywood star does. What a great lesson she gives us in this book.

Notes From My Travels by Angelina Jolie is about her trips to countries like Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Pakistan and Cambodia as a UN ambassador. It is also one of the highly rated and reviewed books on amazon.com.

As I went through the reviews on here I noticed that a lot of people were skeptical of her work with the UN, because let's face it a lot of celebrities just do charity for PR. After reading her book, they realized that it wasn't. The things that she describes, you can't makeup.

Her entries about Cambodia...were very telling. Those who work with the UN, they're not living the glamourous life. They have the bare essentials like limited water for showering and food. There was one entry about how her feet were basically ravaged by bugs and they were so itchy. She wrote how grateful she was to be there and I quote "But damn-my feet are itchy" The next day she met a man who had no feet which is not uncommon there since there are a lot of landmines that haven't been unearthed. At that moment, she realized how petty she had been about her itchy feet. It was a very humbling moment.

There was another entry that stayed with me. She went through an informal museum showing the cruelty and destruction that occured when the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia. There were pictures that just horrified her. She didn't describe them all but there was one where a mother held her child while she was being tortured by a power drill. For the next couple of nights she had nightmares. My parents lived through that, they lost so many loved ones because of the mini holocaust conducted by the Khmer rouge. Those atrocities did happen, my parents can confirm this. I was definitely crying during this entry.

This was written during the later end of her relationship with Billy Bob and around the time she adopted Maddox. She mentions him (Billy Bob) here and there but not in great detail. In her writing you can see that she was growing as a person. She was becoming aware of a world and a life that was outside of everything that she had previously known. It was outside of hollywood and America. It went beyond Billy Bob, and beyond herself. So, now, I understand her when she said that they grew apart. He was into his band and she was focused on motherhood and her UN work.

The critiques that I have are miniscule. This is a collection of her journal entries, so some of the tenses aren't right. As a blogger, I'm used to this informal format, some might not be. Her words are sincere and well written. Also, she uses "grateful" A LOT.

When I first picked up this book, I had no expectations for what it would be.
After the first few pages, it made me want to get out in the world and help someone, everyone.
Angelina's words bring inspirtation and hope. To do good in the world, that good is being done and that even though these horrible things are happening, some good is coming from good people.
This is not an autobiography on her life, she barely talks about herself at all. This is a book to learn about what is happening around the world and how refugees have to live and feel.
The things that are happening around the world is a tragedy and if you want to learn about the world, what you can do and what is being done, read this book.

What makes this book most interesting is that it is not written by a politician, college professor, or film star with a hidden agenda. If we take away the Hollywood star status (easily done while reading this book), we see Angelina Jolie simply as a human with a mission to educate the world of the atrocities we so easily ignore. It is an eye-opening reminder (1) that people are people no matter their "status" in a society, and (2) of how shamelessly we take things for granted. I found this book, despite its serious topic, to be an uplifting read that teaches through hope and kindness.

Angelina is an amazing person. I am only halfway done with this book and was instantly made into a huge fan. Here is an actress who can earn millions by making movies and most in her situation would just chose to make a donation, write a check, etc. She is over there (giving up the comforts we are accustommed to: electricity, a comfy bed, decent food, showers, personal safety) to try to learn and make a difference helping people.
I bought the book to learn what's going on in other parts of the world, and at the same time I find myself crying during many parts of the book. We're so sheltered by the media, some of the material is gut-wrenching and hard to understand/take.
I recommend it to everyone (it's an easy read, but AJ admits to not being a great writer).

The book touches you in every part with overwhelming stories of people in the opposite part of the world; makes you realize what you have and inspires you to stand up and do something and help...

I really liked this book. It was informative and I really like Angie. I liked knowing how she felt and what she saw and how she became so involved w/ the refugees. A must for anyone who likes Angelina Jolie or wants a closer look at the problems of different countries.

I'm just now trying to understand the difficulties many other countries are dealing with. I never knew...I feel so sheltered after reading this book. Now I want to know as much as I can about the lives of refugees and how other people are doing so much to help them. It's a geat book and I will be reading it again.

I have always been madly in love with Angelina, but now I realize that all of the media (or at least most of it) really misses out on her most important qualities. She really does care about others and this book really shows that. But more importantly, this book isn't written to show you what a caring person she is, it's written to show what is really going on in other countries. It's heart-breaking but also very important to learn about. And if you've ever considered adopting from another country, this will make you want to do so right away.

I found the book to be realistic and a good read. I knew what I was reading was true because Angelina has a heart as long as her legs. She is genuine . I know because the human emotions she described are what i feel or would have felt in the situations of what she experienced. This woman is genuine and I wish her, Brad and her unborn child all the respect , health and love that she herself reaps.
She cares about humanity. A prominent actress and she went over to 3rd world countries to see, and try to make better and to write a selfless book of her travels to educate people in general, A selfless expedition. A true humanitarian.
The book is enlightening and it has shed a light on the actress that noone can dim in my eyes.

Prior to this read- I did not give the actress much thought. I changed my mind for good.
Bravo Angelina, much regard and respect to you !

I have always liked Ms. Jolie's films. But I really respect her for what she is doing. This book is a must for anyone who want's to make a difference. Provocative in its portrayal of the dispossed, starving and forgotten citizens of the world, and vividly exposing what most of us never see on the nightly news. This is must read, you will never forget and you will forever be changed.

"I am so much more grateful for what I have. I have no reason to be stressed or complaining or depressed. I can't afford that. I shouldn't dare. I've seen so much worse." - Angelina Jolie as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

It's amazing how cruel and also kind we are to each other. To have so many people forced out of their own country and to have so many people such as Angelina Jolie and the thousands of volunteers that dedicate their finances and lives to helping refugees.

This book is a definite eye opener and start for those that go from envying Angelina Jolie as the Hollywood Goddess to Angelina Jolie the Humanitarian Aide Goddess (amongst the millions of others, non-hollywood people, that dedicate and support any humanitarian cause). Very simple reading and educational.

A definite recommend!

Well written, honest and sincere account of one searching soul's journey into other realities most of us (living in industrialised countries)are little aware of. It certainly has opened my eyes to more human sufferings and I thank Angelina for her personalised account of the those people in distress. I came across this book par hazard and could only read a little at a time because it touched and upset me deeply and brought me to a more global awareness of how our fellow human beings live in other parts of the world. I am sure she has found a lot more meaning to her life since she began her travels, far away from her 'reel' and privileged life. I then proceeded to look up more of her journals written within UNHCR site, these are just as good. There is something each of us can do to contribute to a better world, particularly to the 'vulnerables' as she called them. What a courageous and caring soul! Angie is really a 'citizen of the world' as coined by Plato a few thousand years ago.

Just great, I wish that everybody reads this.
More people would be willing to help and understand their
brothers and sisters from other countries.

I expected a self agrandizing account of Angelina Jolies adventures but I feel that these journals were really down to earth, real and powerful. You are not human if this book doesn't drive you to take action. These refugees really need help. I have newfound respect for Angelina Jolie.

In this written account of Angelina Jolie's early trips with the UNHCR, readers are given a first-hand glimpse at the strength and beauty of refugees from around the world. Jolie holds nothing back, writing with emotion, intelligence, and incredible insight as she describes the people whose suffering inspired her to become a UN Ambassador and donate more than $6 million -- as well as adopt a child,(...) from Cambodia. It is a must-read for Jolie fans as well as anyone who wishes to be more aware of the living conditions of third-world countries. Jolie eats and lives with these people, forgoing all Hollywood luxuries but at the same time knowing that she is barely making any sacrifices compared to how refugees must live on a daily basis. We literally watch as these courageous and inspiring people win her heart... and it's difficult to finish this book without being won over ourselves. One of the most beautiful women in the world describes the world's ugliest crimes against humanity and does so in a way that moves her readers to action. Her two goals are to better understand and to help bring awareness, and by the end she has more than met them.

A well written book! Angelina has obviously become very passionate about her work overseas as an ambassador, her book gives us a raw look at the lives of refugees with living conditions that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. It is refreshing to have the chance to look into Angelina's mind and actually learn something new about her, instead of reading the same things over and over: the knives, the blood, tattoos, men. I'd definitely recommend this book.

At the start of the book Angelina says "I am not a writer", but after finishing her book I disagree. She is a fantastic writer. She writes from her heart and doesn't bulls**t. Those qualities are missing today in a lot of books.

You feel like you are right there, beside her, as she talks to the refugees and travels the dusty roads. You feel her joy and her pain. Thank you for sharing your experience with me Angelina. It has given me a better understanding of the situation.

I would recommend this book to everyone.

Angelina Jolie has brought a new perspective on a subject not very well known by many people. The book is very well written and really opens your eyes to facts and conditions not known by so many people. Angelina is doing something she loves and not doing it for the credit, but doing it to REALLY HELP OTHER PEOPLE. Her work is kind and brave when you read how truly dangerous the work of a UN worker is. I admit, I bought the book because I am an Angelina fan, but the book really is great and informational. I hope she writes another book.

Being a huge fan of Angelina Jolie, it was only natural for me to go buy this book within a week of its release. However, the contents of the book were far from what I expected. Reading this journal, you forget that Angelina is an award-winning actress, and you begin to identify not only with her but with the strong and wonderful people she associates with. She has an extremely strong point of view which increases the emotion of her writings. This book will capture your attention from beginning to end. Highly recommended whether you're a fan of Angelina or not.

I know...I was skeptical at first,too.
Although I enjoy Jolie's movie career, I neglected to take her seriously. But, this actually made the book more accessable. I figured if a pampered Hollywood actress had the guts to take all this in, I could at least read what she had to say.
After reading these journals on one sitting, my view has changed! Not only on Jolie but the world and our part in it.

HIGHLY RECOMENDED BOOK. It's easy for anyone to understand, facts are brief and to the point. The accounts are gut-wrenching yet managable. Jolie is fairly non-biased and unassuming. The text is interesting and quick to read with chatty, personal style. These events and lives hit home! This book is for anyone trying to understand compassion.
The only criticism is-What now? There is no purpose but to share what she's seen. But,WOW, do I thank her for sharing!

It was a great experience. I felt I was in the field. I saw the children. I felt the pain and suffering. I felt cold and shivered. I felt the heat and the dust. I cried and smilled. At one point I felt I was exhausted from travelling so much.
There was something special, I think magical, about the way the book was written. It truely paints the pictures and creates the scenes for you. You live in the book.
I have grown because of this experience. Merci Angie ;)

Fantastic book documenting the travels of Angelina as U.S. Goodwill Ambassador and the beautiful people and cultures she met along the way. Describes the terrors and conditions refugees faced and continue to confront on a day to day basis. Heartfelt, insightful and written with great compassion. Very informative and educational. If my fellow average, middle-class Americans think they have it so bad because they can't yet afford a BMW and a second house at the beach, read this book and realize you're simply lucky to be an American. Wonderful job, Angelina. You and your friends are beautiful. Be safe.

Reaching towards the end, sadness takes over as I did not want the journey of the true meaning of humanity to end. It was the only window to learn more about innocents' lives. Every day passes by, my appreciation and gratitude intensifies to UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie who managed to educate us.
Notes from My Travels, nourishes the soul and directs one's energy to the humanitarian issues exposed in this book. 20 million refugees around the world, some of us are simply not aware of the issue, and some are just selfish enough to ignore. Thanks to Angelina Jolie for raising awareness among both groups of people.
It is inspiring, educating and motivating; it will enlighten the mind of any individual who reads it. It is a blessing for us to know how other people are living and what their needs are so we can all contribute in building a better world.
It is about time we get over our selfishness and read about our innocent brothers and sisters and take action.
While I was reading, a friend who does not speak English asked me about the book, so I briefed her. Without hesitating, modestly her next question was "where can I find it in our language?" Then I realized how Angelina Jolie managed to raise enough awareness even to those who could not read the book as well.
It is such a Treasure. Don't hesitate to read it; Notes from My Travels are pure facts from a big heart.

Thank-you, Angelina Jolie, for your amazing strength and courage! YOU are making a difference in this world! Your book has opened my eyes and my heart. I am now forever changed and grateful to you for making me aware of such a wonderful humanitarian organization, the UNHCR. They will have my support!

This book was amazing, soem people may dismiss it because it was written by an actress, but let me tell you this journal is not only touching and heartfelt, but it's raw emotion. This is a first person acount of what she sees and its truly amazing all the things discussed and how it opens your eyes to everything going on that you never learn about, and as said in the book, "I have been a photographer for ten years. American press don't buy these kinds of pictures. Other countries do." if you care at all about life and othe humans this is a must read!

Angelina Jolie takes you on a journey to see an another world, or let's say the other part of the world that we all have (at least most of us) haven't seen or even thought about.
You won't be reading a journal about any typical oscar winner actress but a true philanthropist.
Barbara Walters told her:" You can't save the world Angelina"
She replied: " yes I know."
Yes, she is not saving the world but she is making a difference.
Her book proves it, her travels have changed her and they may change you too.
Her new perspective of life is described in such simple words yet so full of meaning, they will take you into the profund depths of the world: its truth.
In other words, the book is amazing.
By helping others, she has helped herself: she is now a more reasonnable person and knew that life is not about thinking only about yourself but it is thinking about others. That way you know you are at least useful to yourself and others.
Anyways, the book is great!

My boyfriend Mike got me this book. I haven't even finished reading the book I rec'd only a day before, but I am 3/4 of the way finished. I am in complete awe of her travels and being the one actress that I most identify with through some of her characters, I felt an imediate sense of peace, saddness, and a new understanding. Though heart in throat, I am barely able to put the book down and hope that the inspiration that she is clearly passing on to her readers, brings various forms of help to the refugees in whatever way one can. Angelina has clearly been on a path to self discovery. What she seems to have discovered is the true treasures of life - compassion and appreciation. This is a book I will keep for inspiration a long time and while people have asked to borrow it, (...)

If you want to appreciate your life more than you could ever imagine read this book. Ms Jolie's experiences visiting with refugees around the world will touch your heart & make you think about the world in which we all live in a new light. You feel as if you are right there with her on her trips. This read will open your heart and hopefully mind to how fortunate you are. After reading this book you will wake up grateful for all you have, for so many have so much less. If you are a fan of the actress you will learn just what an amazing person she is, if you are not a fan you will be after reading this. Ms. Jolie is donating the proceeds of this book to the UNHCR. She not only donates her time but she also donates her own money. She does the hard work, the relief workers who devote their time and energy are doing this work daily, seems the least we can all do is help in anyway we can. You can start by purchasing her book, it will be a gift you actually give yourself.

I recommend this book as an education in both what real life is for so many humans in our lifetime as well as the absolute proof that one womans journey through our life can make a difference, can matter beyond a movie role and she will be remembered for more than her beauty , her tatoos and her love life...Angelina made a difference!
I love her movies, but love her even more for doing what I wish I could, and that is making a mark on the world by helping others, adopting children and donating her time and money.
Read her journals and understand.

This is going to be one of the greatest books ever made about refugees!!
i have read an excerpt of Angie's journals 2 years ago and i must say it was brilliant!
the passion and dedication she pours in this job is amazing. All I have to say now is if you don't buy this book, you will regret it...trust me, it's worth it.
Angelina, you are certainly the most talented actress I have ever seen in my entire life but you are also the greatest GoodWill Ambassador!
Keep on helping, and everyone will follow you: you are my inspiration and you're the one who opened my eyes to the cruelties this world offers to poor innocent children.
I don't want to brag about it, but you can see only by its cover the atrocities of the world Angelina has witnessed
The strength she had to see these poor people suffer and the heart she had to talk about them, I can only say:
Angelina Jolie has "The Eyes of a Man, The Heart of a Woman"
She is going to become the GoodWill Ambassador of your refugee minds because she obviously became mine.

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Angelina Jolie: An Unauthorized Biography

Angelina Jolie: An Unauthorized Biography [Hardcover] by Andrew Morton


"If there is a celebrity today who merits the spadework of an unauthorized Morton biography, it's Jolie, with a potential audience that includes just about anyone who has gone through a supermarket checkout line in the last decade, glanced at tabloid headlines about Angelina, say, open- mouth kissing her brother or swapping vials of blood with Billy Bob Thornton and wondered: "What was she thinking?"

If there's anyone to blame here, according to this book, it's the parents, since the bitter relationship between actor Jon Voight and Marcia Lynne (later Marcheline) Bertrand runs as a subplot throughout. Her father left Bertrand for another woman when Angelina was 2, and her mother/manager is portrayed as vacillating between being a laissez-faire hippie mother and a pushy sort of stage mom who, according to Morton, tried — among other things — to push her daughter into a relationship with Mick Jagger.

It's at this point [after Jolie and Brad Pitt come together] that the book seems to move into hyperdrive, with endless rounds of globe-trotting, location shooting, child-acquiring and philanthropic efforts. But the faster it seems to move, the harder it is to put down. Maybe that's because, like salt, we have a craving for explanation, for back story, and Morton's book offers a satisfying dose of both. While the healthier approach might be to limit the intake by vowing to pick it up occasionally and flip to the index for a snippet like: "Haven, James…relationship with" or "United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees," that's not likely to happen.

Chances are you won't be able to put this book down until your mouth is dry and your blood pressure is racing."

Product Description
"I like to collect knives," says Angelina Jolie, "but I also collect first edition books." At first glance, she might seem to be someone without any secrets, talking openly about her love life, sexual preferences, drug use, cutting, and tattoos--and why she kissed her brother on the lips in public. And yet mysteries remain: What was really going on in her brief, impulsive marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, and what is going on in her partnership with Brad Pitt? What’s behind the oft-reported feud with her father, the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight?  What drove her to become a mother of six children in six years? And—perhaps most puzzling of all—what about the other side of Angelina Jolie: How did this talented but troubled young actress, barely 35 years old, become a respected Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations as well as the "most powerful celebrity in the world" (unseating Oprah Winfrey) on Forbes’ 2009 Celebrity 100 list? 
The answers that Andrew Morton has uncovered are astonishing, taking us deep inside Angelina’s world to show us what shaped her as a child, as an actress, and as a woman struggling to overcome personal demons that have never before been revealed. In this spellbinding biography, Andrew Morton draws upon far-reaching original interviews and research, accompanied by exclusive private photographs, to show us the true story behind both the wild excesses of Angelina’s youth and her remarkable work with children and victims of poverty and disaster today.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1 edition (July 31, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 031255561X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312555610
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
I could not put this book down. To me it gave a non-bias view of Angelina Jolie and her life. I have always found her to be a great actress and love her films. However, as far as her personal life, I was always weary thinking she is just too out there. This book made me actually respect her personally as well as professionally. I have a new found respect for her, her mother, & even her father! I think the book did a great job in telling her story and not just promoting the mindless gossip of the tabloids. This made me a true fan of hers. Yes she has made some questionable choices but who has not.

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Angelina Jolie Keychain / Keyring

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Angelina Jolie Keychain / Keyring

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Angelina Jolie Loves Her Frankie & Johnny Sweetie Pink Cashmiracle Spa Wrap

Frankie & Johnny Sweetie Pink Cashmiracle Spa Wrap - Angelina Jolie Loves Hers

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Angelina Jolie SUNGLASSES